Temporarily onboard an English copywriter

If you or your marketing employee’s busy schedule does not allow time to write content, you can temporarily call on the expertise of our experienced English copywriter. We give professional advice and take care of your corporate communication. With fresh and relevant content, we’ll make your company stand out in your field.

You’re looking for an experienced English copywriter. Billycom writes professional texts that connect with your ideal customer.

Experienced English copywriter needed?

Research, write, read: this is how Billycom works

1 | < INTRODUCTION > What are you looking for?

Although we have mastered the rules of copywriting, we don't start typing without prior knowledge of your company. During an intake meeting, we will examine your needs. What content is available today? What copy do you need in the short term and the long term? Our English copywriter will already come up with some ideas and solutions during the meeting.

2 | < SET-UP > Creating a game plan

After a deep dive into your company, target group(s) and copy needs, we write the first texts. Long social media copy, blogs, opinion pieces ... We make them tangible to your audience and finalise them based on your feedback.

3 | < SUPPORT > Content creation with continuity 

One day a month, once a week, several days in a row... We offer expertise and execution at your preferred pace. That way, your customers never have to notice that support is provided from outside. Your online channels continue to be reinforced with inspiring English copy.

Professional communication by a freelance English copywriter?


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